Walking in Wageningen By Scarlett Lerrick

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Walking is one of the easiest and most accesible ways of grounding yourself. The connection with the earth, your feet and all the beauty around guarantees a sense of grounding. In Wageningen there are many beautiful places to walk. In this section an overview is given and you are invited to explore the beautiful nature and the season changes yourself.


If you've spotted Snowdrops, Spring is already on the way. Spring is a time for exploration and new beginnings. Usually blossom time starts in April. The Belmonte Arboretum Botanic Garden is famous for its blossoming trees, Rhododendrons and magnificent Magnolias. Every day will be a rewarding day to walk through this flowering time of the birds and bees.


Summertime is an excellent time to explore 'de Uiterwaarden', a typical Dutch phenomenon. With the warmer temperatures, everyone's out and about, and it seems like everything is alive and thriving. The long days, high grasses and refreshing water make this time of year a period to relax and recharge.

All these reasons make it the ultimate season to spend most of your days outside. If you're craving longer hikes to savor the sun, you can explore nearby regions with NS walks, which go from station to station. Time to go out and get your legs moving!


When you start your academic year, summer comes to an end and autumn begins to show itself. Leaves show off their beautiful auburns, tangerines, ochres and violet hues. Gradually, they begin to fall as the wind takes on a chill and the temperatures drop. Walk Belmonte (beautiful mountain in English) several times and enjoy the scents this season brings. Collect some leaves; autumn is a time for harvest and letting go.


Winter is a time when nature gradually retreats. Bravehearts take a chance to come out of their cozy homes and face the cold. When they're finally outside, they begin to notice the beauty of the season. The grass is lightly kissed by frost, the lakes begin to freeze just thick enough to ice skate on, and through the tree branches, you can just catch a glimpse of the light reflection as it bounces off the icy water.

Winter is a wonderful gem of a season. Walk "het bergpad over de Wageningse berg". On this small road you can see the river "de Nederrijn" through very old oak and beech trees.

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