We invite you to participate in a wide range of events lined up this month.

Listen. To the whispering of your body. Then it does not need to shout so loud.

Refresh you space.

Relax you body.  Take a deep breath. Focus on your senses.

Mindfulness Meditation

Take a moment to unwind and breathe mindfully, soothing both your body and mind. We warmly

invite you to join us for our guided meditation sessions.

Every Monday and Thursday during lunchtime (at 12:30 hours), in Forum Library (Room 366)

Book Club

Do you like reading and discussing books with spiritual themes? Then join our bi-weekly Mindfulness book club, held in our cosy attic. We loan the books to you free of charge and meet on Monday evenings over a warm cup of tea. Two books previously featured were 'You are here' by Thich Nhat Hanh and 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran.

Retreat and Recharge

Once a month we take an evening to retreat from our busy lives. Based on an inspirational quote we

meditate and share. A nurturing way to recharge.

Taizé Prayer

Every second Monday evening of the month, we come together to pray for the world, with Taizé songs.

A meditative service with music and silence.

Collaboration with KenKon

Spectrum collaborates with KenKon to organize activities related to personal growth, such as Qi Gong classes, working with stress and fatigue and training in ways to regain vitality!

Grief and Writing Workshop

Every last Sunday of the month we come together to express our stories of grief. By using small creative writing exercises, we will give voice to our sadness, or pen down warm memories. It gives relief to find recognition and compassion in the experiences of others and support each other.